VEX IQ Robotics Team

The Columbine VEX IQ Robotics Team has had a great season! They participated in the 4 VEX IQ events and put in a lot of practice time to build, modify, and practice navigating their robots.

Computer Science Education Week!

Computer Science Education Week was December 7th - 11th, and it was a busy week at Columbine!

All students participated in 90 minutes of computer science during that week to develop skills in critical thinking, creativity, and reasoning.

3D Printing in Social Studies

During their Social Studies lessons, 4th Graders at Columbine studied Native Americans that lived throughout Colorado's history. Part of their focus was to learn how technology has changed over time and the influence it had Native American shelters. To apply what they learned about those different shelters, students selected one to model with 3D software. Using the program SketchUp in the Computer Lab, students created their model. They had to utilize various tutorials and online documentation to learn how to design their model.

Support Our Community on Colorado Gives Day!

Find out how you can support the Longmont Community on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 8th!

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VEX IQ Starts at Columbine

This year, Columbine has started a VEX IQ Robotics Team! 24 students meet weekly to design, build, and utilize their coorperation and problem solving skills to construct a robot. After completing their robots, we will participate in several events this season.

  • November 14th @ Timberline PK-8
  • December 12th @ The Longmont Museum
  • January 30th @ Fall River Elementary

Celebrating STEM on October Count Day

Columbine students and teachers celebrated STEM during a whole school event on October Count Day. Students had the chance to explore the importance of inquiry, technology, engineering, science, mathematics, and FUN! Students from all grade levels rotated through three interactive stations.

To explore robotics, students worked with Cubelets and Spheros. They manipulated various elements and pieces to control the robots and learned about cause and effect.

STEM Leadership: Improving Recess

Last year, STEM Leadership members were concerned about the amount of arguing on the recess field. They observed that there was lots of conflict between students trying to play multiple sports in the same area. They decided to design a way to reduce the conflict on the field by designating areas for each sport. Their solution included different areas on the field where soccer, football, and other activities could be played. They submitted their idea to the principal in a formal letter.

September is Attendance Awareness Month

Registrations Still Being Accepted!

We are accepting registrations at all grade levels! Please contact the Main Office at 303-776-2840 if you are interested in registering your child at Columbine.

Columbine Carnival Night