We selected science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as our school focus because the world is rapidly changing due to the discovery of new science technology and its applications. We prepare students for a future where innovation, communication, collaboration, global competency, critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential.

Because technology and science change so quickly, we work to prepare students for jobs that do not exist yet, and teach students how to identify and solve problems as they arise. To be globally competitive, we need the next generation prepared to step into STEM careers. STEM exposes students to the engineering process, design thinking and problem solving while using the most current technology available with the outcome of shaping students to be innovative problem solvers who can analyze and design.

Elementary STEM Education

  • Explore and introduce foundational STEM experiences that enhance student interest in real-world learning
  • Introduce students to a variety of STEM careers and fields
  • Provide a teaching and learning environment in which content and skills of STEM are integrated using the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Incorporate the design thinking process, a strategy for integrating problem solving, into classrooms, schools and the workplace
  • Provide STEM programming in a variety of settings, along with extended learning opportunities

Our Vision Statement:

Columbine is a collaborative STEM community which inspires empathetic and creative problem solvers who positively impact the world around them.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe that through inquiry and problem-based instruction, we build the interdisciplinary connections inspiring students to be creative, empathetic, and critical thinkers. Students are given opportunities to take risks, pursue their interests, and make choices throughout their learning process.


We value continuous reflection and iteration through the Design Thinking process. As a community of learners, we use this process to provide a rigorous STEM education exposing students to content and skills they need beyond our classrooms.


We believe collaboration drives learning at our school. Our relationships among students, families, teachers, and the community, strengthen our ability to create diverse and authentic learning environments. By building strong partnerships within our community, we provide the experiences and develop skills sets to inspire, engage, and empower students to positively impact the world around them.


What STEM Instruction looks like at Columbine:

Focus on Personalized Learning: Genius Hour

Hands-On Experiments: Sheep Heart Dissection in 5th Grade

Robotics: VEX IQ Teams & Competitions

Learning by Doing: Experiment & Learn from Failure

Connect with Experts to Enhance Learning Opportunities

Exposing Students to Cutting-Edge Technology

Collaborate Across Classrooms and Grade Levels to Share Learning

Connecting our Social & Emotional Learning to Design Thinking & Engineering Challenges

Direct Instruction in Computer Science

Cross-Curricular Connections: Owl Pellets in Art & Fractions in Music

Experiential Learning: Interactive Field Trips

Highlighting Career Options & Interests: Career Day 2019