Getting to School Safely

We have a wonderful school community, and we want our students, parents, and teachers to feel safe moving around our building before and after school. Please follow the guidelines below to keep our community safe.

·      Staff supervision of students does not begin until 8:15am. Please do not drop your students off at school prior to that time.

·      Walk your student to the nearest crosswalk instead of crossing in the middle of the street if you have to park your car on the east side of Baker at drop off or pick up.

·      See the Columbine parking map for information about where to park. Do not park or stop your car in the driving lanes of the road. These lanes must remain clear at all times.

·      Keep the bus lane on 6th Ave. clear for the arrival and departure of our bus.

·      Encourage your students to lock their bikes when they arrive to school to discourage theft.

·      The weather changes quickly. If temperatures are above 20 degrees with no rain or snow, students will be going outside for recess. Please send your student to school with appropriate clothing for the cold temperatures.

Your efforts in keeping our students safe makes a positive impact on our entire school community… thank you for all that you do to support our students, parents, and staff.


Columbine Parking Map and Hug & Go Lane:


Walking & Biking to School: