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Celebrating STEM on October Count Day

Columbine students and teachers celebrated STEM during a whole school event on October Count Day. Students had the chance to explore the importance of inquiry, technology, engineering, science, mathematics, and FUN! Students from all grade levels rotated through three interactive stations.

To explore robotics, students worked with Cubelets and Spheros. They manipulated various elements and pieces to control the robots and learned about cause and effect.

Students went outside to explore geometry and the science of bubbles. They constructed three dimensional figures with Zometools and dipped them in bubble solution to see what happens. The shapes the bubbles made inside the three dimensional figures were amazing! Students learned that cubes and prisms created different results, and if you dipped a shape more than once, it might change to something different!

For their last rotation, students choose a STEM activity or manipulative to explore. Some students explored speed and movement with Hot Wheels Tracks or marble runs. Other students explored balance and stability with KEVA blocks. Others played on iPads with Osmo systems to work on their spatial reasoning with Tangram puzzles.

To say the least, it was a busy but fun-filled day!

Columbine Elementary School