Clubs and Activities

Before and After-School

ALL students are encouraged to participate in the 100 Mile Club. Students have a common goal of walking or running 100 miles during the school year! Students receive milestone incentives along the way to help keep them motivated throughout the year. If students reach their goal of 100 miles, they are awarded a gold medal a the Year-End Medal Ceremony. The 100 Mile Club is possible through a Physical Activity Grant awarded to SVVSD. Lace up your sneakers and join in the fun!

Achievement Acceleration Academy (AAA), is an after-school program focused on providing additional in-person instructional support and enrichment in language arts, math, and STEM for our elementary students. Classes meet three days a week.

Equations Club is an opportunity for students in 2nd through 5th grade to meet once a week and study, create, manipulate, and practice solving mathematical equations! 

The Columbine Green Team is an after-school group of students that are committed to creating a more eco-friendly school environment. Working with Boulder County Eco-Cycle this group studies energy efficiency, recycling and composting strategies, and reducing our carbon footprint at Columbine!

Students from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade are invited to participate. 

Each year, Columbine partners with local volunteers to create a reading and golf mentorship program. Participating students in 4th and 5th grade are partnered with a mentor. They spend one afternoon a week reading together and then wrap up the session with a group golf lesson that highlights skill progression and important character building attributes.

STEM Explorers is focused on inquiry and project-based science and engineering design challenges that engage students in addressing real-world problems. Our focus is to help students see mathematics and science as interesting and engaging subjects, in which they can be competent. Students learn to work together in groups with hands-on, minds-on activities that are designed to help them build math and science, as well as literacy skills. Field trips encourage students to look at the larger world and to help them begin to contemplate their place in it. At the elementary school level, students are exposed to the elements of math and science at this young age to create a foundation in their minds that these fields are exciting.

Student Council is a group of 4th and 5th graders that work to incorporate leadership skills and community activities for Columbine Elementary. Projects include, but are not limited to, school spirit days and events, spirit wear, community service, teacher appreciation, and random acts of kindness. We are planning two larger events this year: Pajamas in Winterland, a cozy movie night with crafts in December and the Columbine Carnival this spring.

The Thorne After School Program builds empathy for and a connection to nature. This program meets once a week and is geared toward 1st and 2nd graders. It includes nature mentorship, unstructured play, student-led inquiry, and exploration in and around the schoolyard and nearby park.

VEX IQ Robotics Team

Our VEX IQ Robotics Team is a collection of 3rd-5th Graders that work together in teams of four to build a robot and compete in the yearly VEX IQ Challenge. 

Each year the challenge changes, and students must plan and build a robot to complete the new objectives and score as many points as possible. Students take their robots to tournaments to compete in cooperative challenges with students from other schools. Both teams have one minute to work together to score as many points as they can. In addition to driving their robots, students also build programs so that their robots can work autonomously. 

Students on our robotics team learn teamwork, perseverance, communication, and collaboration skills. Contact Ms. DW at [email protected] for more information or if you are interested in volunteering for one-time or on-going activities and events.

image collage of students competing in VEX Robotics
Columbine Elementary School